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Anti Dust Mite Spray - aLGy

Anti Dust Mite Spray - aLGy
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Anti Dust Mite Spray - aLGy

"A Research under NSTDA's project"

aLGy is an anti dust-mite spray of herbal based product, a development out of a continuous research undertaken by the Faculty of Agricultural Technology, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Lat Krabang, being funded by Biological Research & Development project in Thailand (BRT), under the National Science & Technology Development Administration (NSTDA) for a period of over 10 years. This research’s aim was to search for anti dust-mites substance mainly from herb, as an alternative to overcome the problem associated with using chemical based anti dust-mites product in other countries, which carries an adverse side effect to users. The ultimate finding leads to some familiar herbs like clove, cinnamon, which are heat-radiated and scented type of herbs, together with several Thai herbal extract which can get rid of dust-mites. And a mixture of right proportions of these can create a formulation capable of eradicating dust-mites 100% effective; while being safe to users’ health, as it is entirely made of herbal extracts.

Therefore, anti dust-mites spray, aLGy, is classified as an innovative anti dust-mites product with maximum safety to users’ health today. The product is available in aerosol can, as well as water solution in pump-type container to suit user’s preference. This product can also be used as room air-freshener in the household and in the car, or being used as pillow and mattress mist to promote sleep relaxation with the scent of orange, bergamot, kaffir lime, lemon oil to provide air of freshness, while clove gives sanitization effect and relaxation, Lavender induces relaxation and sound sleep, and Rosemary oil promotes sense of body balance.

Direction : Always shake the aerosol can before use, and spray directly onto pillows, mattress, and duvet (all soft and upholstered items on the bed are essentially needed to be sprayed), or fabric upholstered sofa, cushions, carpets, curtain, fabric-stuffed dolls, all fluffy and fabric cover material, one can even spray the product all over inside the car, and cover with blanket or plastic sheet for approximately 2 hours for fumigation effect, which will effectively get rid of dust-mites, or one can spray the product inside the room and keep door closed for longer period. Spraying the product inside the room twice in the first month 7 – 10 days in between the 2 spray applications and thereafter, once a month to keep out dust-mites which may come back again with the clothing we wear. And people with serious dust-mites allergy problem like Asthma, or allergy problem causing severely irritating rashes on the skin, then the use of vacuum cleaning to suck away getting rid of the remains of dust-mites after spray application for the first and second times only Is recommended, and thereafter, vacuum cleaning every 6 months in good enough.However, even without vacuum cleaning after spraying, the product is effectively reliable as aLGy can reduce harmful level of allergen, the procedure has been tested continually for effectiveness on actual patients during the 10 years of research period with satisfactory result, but the level of effectiveness varies depending on the severity of the allergic cases, as well as individual’s physical well being.

Net Weight : 250 ml.

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